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What is the NotSoAncient ChineSecrets Show?

What started on Facebook Live as “Dave Daily” has become the NotSoAncientChineSecrets show! I broadcast live weekly on Facebook here.

What’s the show about?

I started the show as a place where I can share tools, tips and advice just like I do with my closest friends and family. Through the years I’ve learned to embrace my inner-Geek-people-pleaser self and, through the show, aim to add laughter, encouragement and enlightenment to your life in 3 main areas that are dear to me:

  1. photo & video
  2. food & fitness and
  3. family & faith

ChineSecret Goals – Laugh . Learn . Love

Though I don’t take myself too seriously, I take my work – and this show – very seriously. I truly want to create value in every episode and want each show to resonate in 3 ways:
Laugh: Because life is too short to be grumpy
Learn: as a professional photographer, media Geek, and international speaker/teacher, whether photography and film is your profession or passion (or both!), learn from my mistakes, bad purchases, research, special guests, and creative thinking
Love: creating true community and authentic engagement is something I appreciate most about the show and how the platform of Facebook Live has truly become a “social” media more than any other
If you’d like to help me share more NotSoAncientChineSecrets head over to here and find out how even spreading the word can help.

The chineSecrets show is my biggest passion project and I pledge to put my very best into researching, writing, and producing shows worth watching that add value to your business, health and life at large.

Sounds great! How do I join in on the fun?

There’s 2 easy ways to be notified when the Show goes Live:

1. Subscribe to get insider info and an email when the Show goes Live.

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2. You can also click the link below to follow on Facebook and you’ll get a Facebook notification when I go live.

Don’t be shy and please comment during the livestream as I’d love to connect with you … Really 🙂

We Take Requests

Got an idea/thing/project you’d like to see on the show?  For shizzle!  Just share it with us in the comments below. God bless and see you on the Show 🙂

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