5 Products to de-clutter and organize your digital life

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More digital = more cables = more chargers = more junk!

Here are some of my favourite products which help tame the digital beast of clutter and organize my office, bag and digital LIFE!

1. High-Powered USB Charging Station

Family rules apply: all phones are on the “phone table” where this charging station resides. We don’t let our kids bring or charge their phones in their rooms as we really want to help them put people before technology.

This is the high-powered charging station we use which plays nice with our mixed Android and iPhone family. Bonus: there’s enough free ports for visiting friends and family, bluetooth speakers and USB battery packs we can throw at it.

NotSoAncient Tip for Canadian Friends: I purchased this charging station with similar specs since the one above had excessive import fees.

2. Power to the People

With the switch to running our entire office on laptops and portable Hard Drives, we’ve moved the UPS’s to run our network and power our “office” via this simple surge-protected Powercube. I’ve tried the corded versions and countless other power bars, but prefer this one which is more flexible since it packs smaller and allows you to customize the length of the power cord as needed. The unique shape and with 2 USB ports, this also works great for your lounging or sectional sofa so your whole family can work/play/charge with minimal clutter.

3. Cables Cables Cables

These short cables are perfect for the above charging station. I bought enough short micro-USB cables to fill every port of the charging station above and added enough micro-to-lightning adapters to taste. Works great for this bi-OS family of Andriods and iPhones ­čÖé

Sometimes longer cables make more sense. Like when loafing on the couch and using the powercube noted above. Thankfully Anker makes great cables that come in variety of lengths.

4. USB Battery Packs

It seems our power-hungry smartphones and gadgets can never get through a full day’s use without some help. So I recommend stashing USB battery packs of various capacities to suite every need: tiny – to stash in your purse/bag, medium – for every-day use and large – for travel or powering our favourite point and shoot camera and GoPro for hours on end.

5. Cord Buddy Cord Organizer

I have literally HUNDREDS of cable buddy cord wraps. They’re great for keeping cables neat and tidy and also add a little handle to hang loose cabling from knobs and clips as needed.

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Hope you’ve found a couple of things useful to organizing your digital life and all the above make for great gifts for family and friends too ­čÖé

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